Andy Serkis

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Hero of mo-cap, whose performances as Gollum in the Lord Of The Rings films and later as King Kong forced Mark to completely reverse his position on motion capture, previously expressed as "that's not acting, that's just standing in."

When Mark utterly panned Paul Andrew Williams's The Cottage, Serkis buttonholed him (rather in the manner of Helen "what do you mean it's not a real movie" Mirren) at the Baftas to demand why. He later urged Simon Mayo to call Mark something rude during the review of the film on Victoria Derbyshire's programme, echoing Benedict Cumberbatch's punching of Mark for insulting Ikea Knightley.

Serkis was put in a somewhat awkward position when being interviewed by Simon about Cinematic sudoku, in particular when being pressed on the question of whether David Bowie was a good actor. Simon felt that Serkis' reply of "it's right that he has this part" did not really answer the question.