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Advanced level qualifications in the British education system; A-levels are typically what a student requires to go to university. They therefore carry an air of adolescent cleverness that makes them perfect for describing films that are actually really other films but are trying to pretend they are better than those films: Forrest Gump with A-levels; Saw with A-levels; Stripping with A-levels amongst them.

In more recent years students have completed a year of AS-level with the option of going onto a full A-level the next year. It is perfectly possible to take an AS-level in Film Studies, and indeed in 2009 students sitting such an exam found themselves answering the question "What factors decide the success or failure at the box office?" with a quote from Mark Kermode (from an interview in the Metro newspaper) used in the support text. At the time, Mark was befuddled as to what the quote was, and it never cropped up again on the show, but Witterpedia can reveal it is:

If film reviews could do that then Norbit wouldn't have made any money whatsoever. I read some bad reviews of the new Indiana Jones movie but it had one of the biggest opening weekends of all time.