Little Man

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"An evil-minded, bad, profoundly depressing indictment of the way the modern movie industry works... retrograde, horrible, nauseating, inward-looking, smug, repulsive, grotesque, ill-advised, badly-judged. It is - and I mean this seriously - evil. If you go and see Little Man, shame on you." - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

During his review, Mark named a number of films he had seen that are generally considered "grotesque" - I Spit On Your Grave; Cannibal Holocaust; I Eat Your Skin; Cannibal Ferox; SS Experiment - "but I struggle to think of one more grotesque than Little Man."

Mark - who added that "there is no pit in the world deep enough to dispose of every copy of the film. It is bad for the world. And it is possessed by the Devil" - said he would rather watch the first two Pirates Of The Caribbean films in a continuous loop for an entire weekend, while having his eyelids held open like Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange, rather than endure Little Man again. As Simon put it, "context has been supplied."