Margot At The Wedding

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"I’m meant to find these people in some way intriguing and fascinating and funny and satirical, but all I want to happen is for Rambo to break out of screen 3 and sort out their problems with a rocket launcher" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5live

Peak Noah Baumbach, starring Nicole Kindling and a spectacularly-miscast Jack Black.

While watching it, Mark found himself hating it so much that he was "literally, literally" getting a "really strange rashy thing" on his arm.

He felt the film had the Closer problem of being populated entirely by really, really hateful characters.

Also, it was so independently-spirited that it really needed Joel Silver to come in and order a big fight, a car chase and an exploding helicopter. What it didn't need was to have a comedy scene in which a bunch of dead wood collapses onto a tent; "Don't make me sit through this sub-ironic, sub-Bergmanesque tosh and then have the tree fall down at the end."